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Welcome to Blissful Journey

welcome to the summer
welcome to Blissful Journey!

Thank you so much for stopping-by! I hope this visit is one of many!

I have been putting in late nights, and many a days using my phone’s speech to text capability to spout off random ideas, and finally compiling those thoughts into the creation of Blissful Journey.

The time has finally come to hit the road, set sail, and begin our journey!

Over the next few weeks I will be updating Blissful Journey with the following additional pages :

– Healthy Eating Tips

– Recipes

– Plant-Based Diet Transition

– Giving Back to the Community

– Family

– The Journey

– Legacy Gardening

Where did you find bliss today?

Isn’t is amazing that each day we are gifted with the opportunity to find bliss? Finding your bliss does not have to be a monumental life changing event, although it can be. It can be a feeling that all is right, that things are falling into place. An acknowledgement in the beauty of God’s creation, or a realization of how wonderful you are. It can be losing a pound, making a healthy meal, getting a promotion at work or getting a coveted parking space. Whatever it may be, own it! Own your bliss.

Too often we allow people or momentary situations to dull the beautiful light that shines within us. By taking a step back and tell yourself, “you are capable, you are worth it, you can do this!” Or whatever affirmation resonates within you. You are giving yourself the push you need to keep going. 

Today (4/18/2016) I found bliss…I found bliss during a quiet moment, in between a hectic morning at home and a busy day at work.  There beside a huge green field, under a shady tree, looking up at the blue sky. I found bliss. This moment gave me the space I needed to breathe deeply, and to be one with creation.


I intend to regularly update Blissful Journey with new and relevant content. I am always open to tips, insight, and suggestions so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey. Take a look around, and get familiar. The journey has just begun!




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