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Earthlings Unite!

According to The Earth Day Network this years official Earth Day theme is Trees for The Earth. I love the idea of honoring the Earth by focusing on the life-giving topiary. I believe  Earth Day is a great opportunity to learn more about nature, and how we can preserve and protect it. I am looking forward to creating and learning about the Earth with my son as well.

On a walk on a gorgeous day with my niece and our little ones!

Some of our Earth Day/Week plans include:

  • Spending lots of time outside absorbing natural sunlight, and fresh air! I love living in Northern California, we got amazing redwood trees which provide so much beauty and Oxygen. (Yay for photosynthesis!) Outdoor activities will include but are not limited to:
    • Playing outside
    • Walks
    • Gardening
    • Recycling
  • Singing songs about nature. Here is one of our favorites that we learned at the library, it is called Good Morning Dear Earth,

good morning dear Earth

good morning dear sun

good morning to the trees, and the flowers everyone.

Good morning to the bees (buzz buzz) and the birds in the trees,

good morning to you, and good morning to me.

This is a really fun little song, with corresponding arm movements. I also like to sing this song outside with him and to point out all of the elements in the song as we sing.

  • Planning and planting our Legacy Garden (Blog post soon to come about this). The Farmer’s Almanac has been really helpful in helping me to decide what to plant and when!
  • Recycle, reduce, reuse.
  • Participating in a local park clean-up.

There are many different opportunities to honor our Earth. I really encourage you to get involved and be apart of this amazing time of celebration.

20160414_182405.jpgI recently watched a video on YouTube narrated by Julia Roberts entitled, Nature is Speaking, not only our the scenes of God’s amazing work absolutely breathtaking, but the words that she speaks are intentionally thought-provoking and left me in awe. Here is one of my favorite quotes from the video.

“How you choose to live each day, whether you regard or disregard me, doesn’t really matter to me. One way or the other, your actions will determine your fate, not mine. I am Nature. I will go on. I am prepared to evolve. Are you?”

The video is sponsored by Conservation International, and is apart of a series of videos about nature which I would highly recommend.

Remember Earth Day maybe once a year, but you can be kind to the planet each and everyday!




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