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Food 4 Thought

I LOVE food; eating it, talking about it, looking at it, smelling it, reading about it. I don’t consider myself a ‘Foodie’ because I don’t eat out very often, nor am I a great cook. But I love it just the same! Food is experienced by each one of our senses, food is a huge part of many of our cultures, food is a necessity. Food is fuel for our bodies, can bring joy, and is a way of showing you care. Many say that food that is “made with love” often tastes better. Food can also cause a great deal of pain and distress for those suffering from food related illnesses and ailments as well as eating disorders. A healthy relationship with food is all about balance, merely striving for this balance can be helpful in the long run.


I am an example of what taking charge of your own personal nutrition can actually do! I have through combined weight-loss lost over a hundred and fifty pounds by changing my diet and incorporating exercise into my lifestyle.  Yes there have been times when I gained weight back as a result of depression, negative lifestyle choices, and pregnancy – my interest in nutrition and goal of getting back to my “old ways” never wavered. As a result of my interest in my own health I have taken it upon myself to study nutrition in both personal and academic settings. I am currently enrolled in the Shaw Academy’s Personal Nutrition course (where I am learning a ton!) I intend to begin the Sports Nutrition course next month.


Keep reading as I will be sharing FIFTEEN tips on dieting, health, and nutrition that I have personally benefited from! 

I am a wholehearted believer in the phrase “you are what you eat,” I also believe that there are many foods that can prevent and possibly cure many of the illnesses, ailments, and conditions that we are suffering from today.IMG_243626609114900.jpeg

Could right now be the time for you to take a look at your diet to see if some changes need to be made in order for you to live a happier and healthier life?

  • Have you recently gained weight?
  • Do you need to lose or gain weight?
  • Do you need to increase your muscle mass?
  • Are you suffering from a diet related disease, such as Obesity, Heart Disease, or Type 2 diabetes?
  • Are experiencing fatigue?
  • Dry skin?
  • Chronic pain?
  • Constipation?

These are just a few of the multitude of conditions that can be impacted by dietary changes.

With that being said, I hope the only question going through your head is, “how do I begin?” How do I begin to really make a change, so that I can lead a healthier lifestyle? I say the best course of action is simple and straight to the point.


  1. Find your ‘why.’
  2. Set a SMART goal.
  3. Create a plan (do not be afraid to ask for help, or hire a professional to create one for you).
  4. Make it happen!
  5. Learn as you go.
  6. Have fun with it!

With all that being said checkout fifteen tips that have helped me lose weight in the past (I’m currently down fifteen pounds after recently re-incorporating these tips into my own diet!)

  1. Drink water! How much water does your body actually need each day? I really like this calculator from BodyBuilding.Com it’s very simple, and gets straight to the point. Drink up! You might be surprised at how much you actually need. I currently drink about a gallon a day.
  2. Meal planning, prepping, and cooking bulk meals. If you have a plan you will less likely to experience a set back.
  3. Do not allow yourself to go into starvation mode. I usually always grab snacks for myself and Noah before we leave the house. I even keep a stash of almonds in my purse for emergencies.
  4. Learn to be mindful of what you are eating. Keeping a Food Journal is a good place to start. Also try to limit distractions when you are eating, eat slowly and give your food time to digest.
  5. I do not advocate limiting vegetables (with a few exceptions) – eat greens and fresh veggies, as many as possible!
  6. Limit salt intake, if you look at the amount of Sodium in many of our foods (especially processed foods), you might be surprised at how much Sodium you are getting each day.
  7. Take control of your food, shop local organic Farmers Markets, or plant a garden (or a few plants, or help with a Community Garden) growth something and take a more active role in your food making process.
  8. Variety is the spice of life! Be open-minded about food, with so many different foods from different cultures and ethnicities experimenting can be fun!
  9. Many herbs and spices have healing properties, such as garlic, turmeric, and cinnamon by adding them to your food you are giving yourself an added health benefits.
  10. Juicing or making smoothies, I really like just throwing different fruit, veggies and a little spring water in the blender. Turn it on and watch them swirl around. Next think you know I have something healthy, refreshing, and yummy. I’ve noticed my energy is really great on the days that I do this especially early in the morning.
  11. Fiber, make sure you are consuming a good amount of fiber in your diet. Many of us have diets that are lacking in fiber which can impact digestion. Also high fiber foods take longer to digest making you feel full longer.
  12. Look at your skin, notice and new blemishes, rashes, inflammation, hair loss, or dry skin? What we eat is manifested both internally and externally. Your body can actually give you a telltale sign if you are experiencing diet related issue.
  13. Visit your doctor, find out if you are lacking any vitamins or if you possibly are at risk for or have possibly developed and illness.
  14. Acknowledge the effect that food can have on our overall health and well-being.
  15. Learn be mindful of pay attention to your eating patterns, and cravings.
  16. Go Vegan! I’ve recently (about 70 days ago) altered my diet to solely plant-based. This has been an amazing experience not only for my health, but also emotionally and spiritually.



I hope you find this list helpful. I may add to it as time and my knowledge progresses. This information was not shared to diagnose or to treat any illness. Just sharing what worked for me. I am currently in the process of losing 35 pounds (20 more to go!) that are remaining from the weight I gained while pregnant with my son. If you would like to join me as I transform through diet and exercise comment below!

What are your tips for healthy nutrition?





4 thoughts on “Food 4 Thought

  1. I am so proud of you, sis. This is excellent information. My biggest problem is that I am motivated at times, but then there are other times when I can’t find motivation. Please help me to figure out how to stay motivated-especially with exercise.


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