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The first 100 Days! #VeganMegan Update

Over one hundred days ago I made the decision  to  begin the process of consuming a plant-based diet. My transition was fairly quick as I stopped eating meat, and meat-products cold turkey. Thus far I can honestly say that I do not see myself going back to consuming meat/meat products; the good outweighs the “bad” and for me sacrificing a life so I can eat  pepperoni pizza is just not worth taking a life. (not that Vegan’s can’t eat pepperoni pizza!)

Here goes a few facts just to answer some of the key questions I’ve been asked thus far:

Is it hard?

The transition was not very hard for me. The most difficult period was the first three weeks as my body detoxed, I learned more about Veganism, and I began to become more interested in Vegan food and more creative with my meals .

Do you miss cheese (dairy)?

Not at all, and I used to love (dairy) cheese. I recently Tried Tofutti Dairy-Free cream Cheese, Earth Balance Cheese Squares, but I was successful in making my own version of nacho “cheese” using Nutritional Yeast which is delicious!

Go to snack!

What do you eat? Everything!

On February 10th 2016 I began consuming a plant-based died. I stopped  consuming all meat and meat products at the same time. Although some transition a little slower, I decided to just go for it and see whats happens.  My decision to become Vegan was initially to occur for the forty days of Lent. However something just clicked around week four, and I decided to pursue this lifestyle long-term. It was at that time that I decided to watch the highly acclaimed documentary, Earthlings.

Amazing documentary!

This documentary instantly brought me to tears. I was flooded with emotions as I began to research and learn more about the cruelty, and lack of respect for God’s creation.  My eyes have been open to a great deal of  exploitation, and  greed that is associated with parts of our food system, entertainment industry, pharmaceuticals, pet industry, clothing and toiletries to name a few. Animals are being abused and killed at alarming rates, while our forests and oceans are being depleted and polluted. Something must be done!

When I initially decided to “try being Vegan for forty days,” I was unaware of the impact that this decision would  have on me. I am proud to say that I was successful in what I set out to do for Lent, and I am still holding to that decision.

I am proud of the victories I have achieved over the last One Hundred (plus)  days of adapting to a Vegan lifestyle.

3,600 Sq.ft of Forest, 120 Animal Lives, 4,800 lbs of Grain, AND 2,400 lbs of Co2!
  • I have lost over twenty pounds with little exercise!
  • Experienced less tooth pain (prior to becoming Vegan I was having horrible tooth pain!)
  • Increased energy.
  • Incorporating more Mindful and healthy eating habits.
  • Encouraged family and friends to embrace meatless meals and dishes.
  • Was featured in the campaign, Mother’s Against Dairy.

Overall, I am very thankful for this experience and all that I have learned thus far. I am excited and eager to spread the word and encourage us to take a stand against this unjust system.Lastly I’d like to thank those who have supported me in this journey with food, recipes, tips and encouragement! Looking forward to the next 100 days!



Leaving you all with some of my goodies!!! 😀



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