Bliss Seekers

Inspired by Matthew 6:33, Bliss Seekers are a community of individuals in various stages of life and spiritual maturity growing in the Word of God, with their sights set on His Kingdoms. The group aims to find bliss, by first seeking Christ.


The idea for Bliss Seekers came as I was working out in the yard one day. Being out in nature, admiring God’s creation always seems to make me feel closer to Him. I started praying, and asking God to lead me in the right direction with Blissful Journey, and suddenly the words of a song that I remember singing during our Wednesday church service at my elementary school came to mind.

As I hummed the song I could remember standing in the sanctuary singing this song entitled ‘Seek Ye First’ beside my classmates many times. I’ve always enjoyed this song; it’s always been simple, beautiful, and calming.

My mind wandered as I moved and cleaned patio furniture, the song still playing in my mind and suddenly I put together the connection between Blissful Journey and the song! 

What could be more blissful than serving, and magnifyin63889848.jpgg the Lord and His Kingdom? I’ll wait.

(I know, a skeleton meme might seem a little extreme, but the reality is that our time on Earth is limited.)

From that moment Bliss Seekers was born. I am very eager to form this community, and to learn and grow in Christ with you. Bliss Seekers is a safe haven for Christians to learn, and growth with one another.

If you are interested in learning more or joining Bliss Seekers comment below, send an email to, or join the community on Facebook – Bliss Seekers.

I’ve created a list of Bible Study Tips which I am currently using. I’ll love to hear your feedback to tips that work for you that I can add to the list! 

jeremiah_29_13___poster_by_mostpato-d763br8.jpgIf you are wondering if now is the right time to seek a relationship with Christ checkout this article from Lift Up Your Day article.