Today I Found Bliss

My Collection of Bliss Findings

Where did you find bliss today?

4/29/2016, My baby cuddled with me! This is a rarity since I’m mom to a very active toddler. But we cuddled today after his bath. He didn’t have on a diaper, and I didn’t care. I got some loving from my little guy! 🙂

Today (4/21/2016) I found bliss…Today was a busy day. I found bliss laying down next to my son reflecting on all the fun we had, what we learned and experienced together today.  I found bliss in the feeling of accomplishment that I can and do do more than I ever thought I could. I found bliss in believing in myself.

Today (4/18/2016) I found bliss…I found bliss during a quiet moment, in between a hectic morning at home and a busy day at work.  There beside a huge green field, under a shady tree, looking up at the blue sky. I found bliss. This moment gave me the space I needed to breathe deeply, and to be one with creation.

I hope to continue updating this page with my bliss findings, and I encourage you to keep a list also. Feel free to share your’s as well!





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